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Club FAQ


Can I change my current membership?

    To change a current membership you must first cancel the active membership and resubscribe to the new one.

    How do I change my shipping address?

      You can update your shipping address on: Remember to make any changes before the next club order ships.

      How do I change my credit card info?

      You can update your payment method on: Remember to make any changes before the next club order ships.

      Can I cancel my membership?

      You can cancel your membership on: There is no obligatory commitment. Remember to make any changes before the next club order ships.


      What payments are accepted?

        Credit Cards are currently the only accepted payment method for club membership.

        When will my credit be charged?

          When you first subscribe to the club the payment is required and will be charged immediately. After that payment date is dependent on your membership frequency (monthly or quarterly) and will be automatically charged on the next payment date. You can see the next payment date on:

          What happens if payment is declined or expired?

            If a payment is declined or expired you will receive an email notification. The system will retry the same payment method up to four times in the following three weeks. If payment is still not successful the membership is automatically cancelled and you will lose access to club benefits and will stop receiving club packages. You can update your payment method on:


            Is shipping cost included in the package price?

              Yes all club prices include shipping costs for quarterly or monthly Member packages.
              For any additional orders for Club Members shipping costs are charged. You get 10% off on all CVL beers and products only, shipping costs are excluded.

              When will my package be shipped?

                Please allow in total 7-10 working days ex brewery to your home to account for any logistic issues.

                What if something happens to my package?

                  If there are any issues with your package please contact us directly on: